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 Gamer's Refuge

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PostSubject: Gamer's Refuge   Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:31 am

Here is some information about GR,

Forum Title: Gamers Refuge
Forum Address:

About the Forum: The purpose of this forum is gaming in a broad sense. There will be gaming debates, news, reviews, new releases information, classics highlights, game idea board, clan section, and other type's of gaming-related stuff. I also made use of the RP forum section & if you're interested in running your own RP board I have it set up perfectly for you. Not only that but there is boards for offtopic chatter & other things such as a board to show off your artwork whether it be gaming or otherwise! More to come & always up to new
suggestions so stop by and post in the suggestion box if you feel something is missing~!

Just thought I would post this up to see if anyones interested. The more the merrier, check us out Smile

I'm also looking for anyone who is interested in affiliating as long as your forum/site is at least semi-put together santa
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Gamer's Refuge
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